Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hanoi to Hoi An

today we got up earlier than usual and got packed up for the next move of the trip. we checked out of the artsy hotel and got a taxi to the airport. the airport in hanoi is a ways from where we were and all the cool places to be. it took about an hour. before we knew it though we were on a plane bound for danang which is the closest airport to hoi an. the flight was uneventful and i read most of the time.

i did do something thinking though. in front of us sat two easter european men with vietnamese women who appeared to be couples. the men would speak in their native tongue and the women in theirs, and then there were moments when they would speak to each other in english. i have no idea what the deal was, but i am apt to think about the marriage business. i have no idea how these two worlds would have easily collided to make these two couples work. i could be way wrong, but none the less it made me think about life. i asked myself questions, such as is that really the best option? is it really worth it? is it hard? then i told paul that i think, i really do, that i would much rather be alone and happy than have to make something work unnaturally. if push came to shove, i would sell all my stuff and move to some country where the cost of living was next to nothing. choose a life serving God and helping others rather than selling myself to something i don't really want to be a part of.

anyhow, we got a taxi from the airport in danang to our hotel in hoi an. again about an hour's trip. we settled in, got a snack, and went exploring the town. hoi an is small and charming and pedestrian friendly. it is genuine feeling more than any other place we have been. the people seem to be real and there is no ritz or put on for the sake of spicing things up. we walked into old town which is a UNESCO world heritage site. at first glance, i asked why? then you walk around and take it in. it is old and has lots of character. paul made the observation tonight----clothes shops, shoe shops, bag shops, food shops, souvenir shops and then repeat over and over and over and over. getting clothes made here is huge and the lonely planet book claims it can be addicting. i am going to have my go at it tomorrow. i narrowed the list of places down to four or so and i will start with those. i brought some pants i would love to have made in various colors, a thin sweater too that is my travelling companion, and maybe another wool coat in a fun color other than black. i also have a sketch of a skirt too. paul might join me on the adventure and have some long shorts made and i might get him to have a wool coat made too. why not? when in hoi an, get clothes made. :) they getting shoes made here too is easy and cheap. not sure about that one yet, but will have a look tomorrow.

on the way back to the hotel, we stopped and had thirty minute massages for neck, head and shoulders. it was great and cost a whopping $15. nuts. we plan to go back tomorrow and i want a manicure and pedicure with the works. woo hoo!!! vietnam is fun!!!

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