Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the end of day #4 in Hanoi

after sipping coffee and just hanging out we decided to make our way back to the hotel. we rested for a bit before seeing an indie downstairs at the cinema. it is really a cool place. we saw a vietnamese film called owl and the sparrow. it was ok. it had english subtitles and was a touching story, but nothing overly exciting. after the movie we were both starved. we had realized that one place we had been told we must go we had not yet been. i was feeling quite lousy as my tummy was acting up again. i did not feel like going anywhere, but oh i am glad i did. we went to restaurant bobby chinn. one word: AMAZING!!! the place is gorgeous and has amazing ambiance. the food is out of this world. let me give you the play by play...

we arrived and weren't sure if we would get a table. from the outside it looks quite small, but it is designed that way. we sat at the bar while we waited for our table. i had homemade ginger ale that i watched the bartender make. so fun! i was really hoping for some relief from this lovely beverage. the chinese believe that ginger soothes the stomach. it was not necessarily working all that well, but i had a second trying to rally for the event. we were ushered to our table which was a booth. the place feels so cozy. it has been partitioned off with red silk drapes for a more intimate experience. i also learned on the website that the walls are padded with foam to help minimize the excess noise. i was totally taken by the place.....clean, crisp, simple, but asian. the menu is entertaining for sure. he has made all these rules about his restaurant and the things on the menu. a great read! i went with the filet mignon and paul chose the lamb shanks. after ordering we were brought "snacks" that were served to us on shells. it was a little chicken kebab that was wonderfully seasoned with lemongrass. wow.....i was anxious to see what would come with dinner. they set the plate in front of me and i thought i was in heaven. the aromas were outstanding. i deliberately ate my meal slowly to savor each and every bite. it was phenomenal for sure. the meat was perfect and the mashed potatoes melted in my mouth. there was a mushroom red wine ragout as well. OH MY!!! about two thirds of the way through our meal, a guy not in the uniform walked up to our table to ask us how the meal was and if everything was ok. yep, it was him, bobby chinn, in the skin!!! i could not believe it. he was wearing jeans and friendly as can be. paul and i have never discussed food the way we did at this meal. it was crazy. to top it off we had dessert. i chose chocolate pudding which might sound so so to some, but not this one. it came beautifully presented on the plate. there was a scoop of ice cream and a small brownie looking heap. when i used the spoon to scoop into it, warm (perfect temperature) chocolate pudding oozed out. wow!!! the dessert was great. paul had a creme brulee trio that he enjoyed very much. after dinner, i insisted that we buy the book....yes, autographed by the man. this meal by far is my most favorite to date. i would love to go backo hanoi to eat at this joint again. a jillion stars!!!

tummy full of absolute goodness with a heart that was soaring we walked by to the hotel. it was the perfect end to a time in hanoi. i did end up feeling much better once i got some steak in me. restaurant bobby chinn is AMAZING!!!

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