Tuesday, April 08, 2008

tuesdays = nostalgia

a few weeks ago i learned that tuesday is the day the cafeteria makes sandwiches for the early childhood grade's snack time--pre-school, junior kindergarten and senior kindergarten. not only are they sandwiches, but they are jelly sandwiches with good, fluffy brown bread. yum. they also make cheese sandwiches, but i have not tried them. i much prefer jelly ones. i had some at a staff meeting where one of the SK teachers brought the leftovers to share with us. i had quite a few that day. since then i usually go down after school sniffing for an after school snack on tuesdays. the last few weeks there have been no leftovers. :(

today one of the SK teachers sent up three quarter sections of jelly sandwiches just for me. all for me. it was such a joy. as i bit into each one it brought back the best nostalgic feelings of being a kid. the bread is really nice and the jelly is strawberry. gosh, what a few bits of heaven i had today. i love jellly sandwiches......not just any ones, but the ones from the school cafeteria on tuesdays.

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