Friday, April 25, 2008

only 7 more weeks.....

i cannot believe that i am in the last quarter of this school year already. i know in the previous post i mentioned how crazy things are going to be and they have. although i have a great grade level team that i work with and we have been helping each other tremendously. it has been wonderful. i know that i could not do it without them.

the past few weeks i have been able to check off many things on the list---social studies celebration, report cards, parent conferences, one field trip and some other minor things also. although this week has brought some other school issues to the surface, it is going to be ok.

next week we are in the full swing of rehearsals for the 4th grade production of james and the giant peach and the chapel we are doing. fun, fun, fun! i will be teaching in all the little moments here and there in hopes to cram in more curriculum as i can before the end of the year. it should be prove to be quite interesting. today we made the schedule for rehearsals so i am going to get creative.

for a while now i have had a few things on my heart that keep tugging and reminding me they are there. one of those is to be intentional about being more creative and artsy. part of that includes taking art classes which i have had no luck finding so far. i have been looking since arriving in seoul.....sometimes more often than others, but still. i did buy some fun supplies recently over the spring break holiday and have been doodling here and there. i am struggling with confidence in my ability though too which is not always fun to deal with.

secondly, i keep thinking about what God has in store for me and for us. i would love to take more art classes for art education when we return to the states. i also have a desire to work with kids in a form of urban ministry or something. not sure what it looks like or would be, but praying that God will show me what that is and looks like. i read online at the university of texas website about their art education program, but also a program in theater with youth. i would love to use the arts as a way to reach kids for relationships. so who knows........just putting it all there.

we are off to dinner soon..........chinese dumplings.....yum!!!

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Jessica said...

I'm here for you if you need to vent or a shoulder to cry on! Also, let me know if you have any questions about art ed stuff... :-)