Tuesday, April 29, 2008

one more thing to check off.....texas treats

once a year folks in the elementary school volunteer to take a wednesday morning to provide treats for the staff. tomorrow it's my turn. so today and yesterday i have been busy baking and getting ready for the big day. so far my theme has been texas treats. last year i did the same. this year i am staying with the tradition and have made treats that remind me of home or sound more texas-y than most.

here is what's on the menu at the corral---
chips & salsa
guacomole & sour cream
cowboy cookies
chocolate pecan pie bars
banana bread
hickory-smoked western dip mixed with cream cheese & crackers
choco-rocks & dried cranberries
banana chips

the last few things are a bit random, but i had extra and thought i would throw it in with the rest of the nibbles. hopefully i can manage to get it all to school without major issue.

happy texas treating!!!

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Anonymous said...

sounds yummy