Wednesday, April 09, 2008

a nice reminder.

today is wednesday and it is the late day for me. i teach bookmaking after school and then i help one of my students with her math homework. i am usually at school until 5:15ish.

today was the usual although i took the bookmaking kids on a "field trip" to the 3rd grade talent show. afterwards i still met with my student, but she has caught on to her math homework and whizzes through it. she and her little sister went down to watch the high school soccer game on the field a little early. a few minutes after they left i had another teacher pop in and then my student's dad. the dad had lovely things to say about how i have inspired her to read, read and read some more. even the little sister has become inspired too as to not be shown up by big sister. it was quite nice to hear especially when sometimes i feel as if i am a broken record saying the same stuff over and over in different ways. then after he left the teacher who had popped in also said that she thought i was a great teacher and that teaching is my calling. wow.....

in a job like teaching many times those small, kind words are the one little thing that keeps you going or makes your day worth it. no matter what kind of day you had or what students you wanted to strangle, the words can make the job worth getting out of bed for.

i think that God knows that i need these little reminders to keep clued into the bigger picture-- that He has chosen me for this job. even when i feel completely inadequate or like i am not connecting with my kiddos, He sends little somethings to make me remember that God has a plan and that He will give me the tools i need. Even if it's just a little boost here and there all i have to do is focus on Him and let my heart seek Him.

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Anonymous said...

This is so cool. It is a great reasureance when people think that you are doing a good job. aaaaaagod did put you in the right place.