Saturday, February 13, 2010

more memorable moments....

--waiter at taco mamasita saying that paul's mexican street corn is "black belt goodness"

--beginning today at bongo java with good ol' oatmeal and a "warm & fuzzy" coffee and then just hanging out with my computer.

--going to calypso for lunch and eating amazing loaded black bean nachos.

--going back to ugly mugs for coffee and more hanging out.

--we (paul, jason and i) are driving to return the rental car and we pass a RV park. i said, "wouldn't it be cool to buy one and travel around america in one of those?" paul replies, "i don't like cars you can pee in." jason chimes in, "i have to disagree with you on that one." paul asks, "why? are you peeing right now?" jason comes back with, "well, it is a rental." i proceed to laugh until i cry.

--driving down the road there are over passes and underneath there are rocks that have been cut through to make the road (sedimentary rock). there has been water leaking from some of the rock and it has frozen make icicles. jason called it "frozen rock sweat" or after more thought on the phenomenon he decided he liked "frozen milky mountain discharge" better. either way, i laughed again and it was awesome.

--returning our rental car to the opryland hotel which is like disney world in a hotel. this place is nuts.

--walking around and shopping at the opry mills mall.

--watching jason attempt to take photos of the "frozen rock sweat" as we drove by which was not that successful, but worth the laugh for sure.

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Anonymous said...

So fun!
Smooth travels back.
Love, Sally