Wednesday, February 10, 2010

east nashville...

i have fallen in love. east nashville is an amazing place. we have only been here about 12 hours or so, and i am already in love. the place we are staying and the hosts are great. we feel like family. it is close to all the cool stuff we want to be near and all things are accessible.

today we have worked at a coffee shop called ugly mugs and ate lunch at rose pepper across the street. good, yummy, warm mexican food. after lunch, we met with a realtor to explore what buying a house here in east nashville looks like and what needs to happen. it was good.

the next step in that process is to contact the bank (lenders) and determine how much money we can borrow to buy a house. well, sadly, it turns out that since it is an investment and not our own house that it is not as easy. we would need a whole lot of money in the bank and then they will consider this idea. what a bummer! it is a total derail of our thoughts and thinking. i know there must be a reason, but right now it does not seem logical to me. it sucks.

i still heart east nashville though.

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