Thursday, February 11, 2010

making a difference......

one of my favorite quotes is by mahatma gandhi--"be the change you want to see in world."

so true. things don't just happen. there is action. people need to take notice and do something. little or simple, big or grandiose--it does not matter. people taking action makes things happen. did you know that you can make a difference in far reaching parts of the world?

last night i saw a film that spoke to me. it moved me and softened my heart. it also made me frustrated. it has moved me to take part in a movement of people and actions to put an end to malaria in africa by 2015.

did you know that the US had its own issues with malaria in the early part of the 20th century? i did not, until last night. i was born in the latter part of the century, after the end of malaria in the US, i have never had to worry about getting malaria. i grew up in houston where there are plenty of mosquitoes, but never feared them. yes, i was annoyed by them and have had many rounds of "skeeter" bites that needed some TLC from mom. never once did she fear for my life because of them though. moms, dads, families in africa fear mosquitoes. today, in the year 2010, millions of people are dying from a disease that was eradicated from the US before my life began. how is it that this is happening? the news made a huge fuss about swine flu and H1N1, but no word of the absolutely disturbing amounts of people dying every 30 seconds in africa. they are dying from a preventable disease that can and should be treated and STOPPED.

they need help. they need your help. be a part of something bigger than yourself. be a part of putting an end to malaria by 2015.

learn more..........

be the change.

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