Thursday, February 18, 2010

back at it....

well, it has been almost a week or so back at work. it sure has been a long one. upon return, i found out that my lovely students were not so lovely while i was away. we had a deep & meaningful talk on tuesday, but it does not seem to have taken hold. today we began presentations of their home inquiry projects and some of the kids were being so rude to the classmate presenting. they were really wound up and after many attempts to being them back, it was hopeless. i passed out the three memos they needed and they went home.

after they left i sat there reflecting what to do. how do i instill kindness in them? how do i teach them not to be rude? it literally breaks my heart to think about them and how they are behaving. i am at a loss. i am not sure what to do. it makes me sad. i want them to want to be better people.

god, please help me love on them and treat them the way i want to be treated.


Anonymous said...

Your students are truly blessed to have such a loving, caring teacher. Love you, Sally

Victoria said...

I'm sorry that your kids weren't lovely while you were gone. As a sub myself this year, I have been shocked by students' behavior. It's especially hard because, like you said, it leaves you wondering if you've done a good job teaching them about kindness, etc. I'm sure you have, Mandy, both explicitly and through modeling. You're an amazing teacher. Be firm but gentle on them. They must have missed you so much! :)