Friday, August 08, 2008


our travels home to korea were pretty normal to be honest. at least after the initial crappy situation with the cancelled flight on tuesday morning when we were originally scheduled to leave. my brother, God love him, picked paul and i up at 4:17AM on wednesday morning and drove us to the lovely intercontinental airport. we checked in our luggage without a hitch.....3 trunks (each around 67lbs. each) and one small rolling suitcase (approx. 23lbs). yeah for packing queen mom! she rocks and does a phenomenal job helping me getting all the goods into the suitcases.

paul got some morning grub at mcdonald's and we waited to board the plane. we sat in economy plus (6 extra inches of leg room, baby) and also in the front so there were no seats in front of us....double score! it was nice....we both slept most of the way since we had stayed up all night just hanging out.

in san francisco, we hit the ground, checked out the lounges (they are ok) and waited for the seoul flight. while in the international lounge we saw many olympic athletes. there was a small group that we saw too which i think was the USA Triatholon team. it was pretty cool i thought. (anne, i thought of you friend!!!)

we ate lunch and then sat at the gate.....we had about an hour before things started moving.,..i read, paul played DS. once the gate agent arrived paul inquired about moving to business, but the only reply she gave was that it would vost us $, no. bummed we just sat there and waited. then another gate lady called paul's name.......there is hope....maybe, just maybe. well, ladies and gentlemen, we SSSSCCCCOOOORRRRREEEEEDDDDD!!!! upgraded to business for free b/c the airline needed our seats in economy plus. WWWWOOOOOOO HHHHOOOOOOO!!

we could not believe it.....what are the chances being bumped up on the flight out of seoul and then AGAIN on the way in.......CRAZY! we loved it and were able to get good rest on the flight. we watched movies, ate like royalty, and laid the seats almost flat. it was incredible, indeed.

a fellow teacher was on the flight and she was having another teacher pick her up at the airport. luckily they had room for us, so we scored a ride home too sans the taxi system. it was nice.

we arrived home to a warm apartment in which we instantly turned on the air con and to two kitties that seemed a little freaked out by our homecoming. they did give it to my loving eventually, but it was a challenge at first. :)

we are home, sweet home!!! it feels so good to be back!!!


Anne said...

Glad to hear that you made it home safely. I bet you let out a huge sigh of relief when you walked in the door - traveling is tough work (but at least you got to do it in Business Class)!

Thanks for thinking of me!

Diana S Foster said...

Thanks for the up date Glad you had a great trip back. Hope you both get rested.