Saturday, August 09, 2008

back in seoul.....

this time of year is the worst for weather in's hot and humid. you feel absolutely gross and are required to take two showers a day. we call this time of year "two shower days". being a native texan you might think i should be used to the heat and humidity. this is true, but there is a difference here that we don't have in houston--we are out in the weather all the time. we walk everywhere. for instance, yesterday i gave a tour of the neighborhood and was completely drenched by the end. we also had an outdoor cookout yesterday evening which was hot and sticky. again, i was sweaty. my shirt is constantly soaked in sweat. fun, fun, fun. on the other hand in houston, one travels from a/c to a/c rather than walking out in the heat all the time. i also do think it is more humid at this time of year in korea than in houston. it was weird b/c yesterday when i was all hot and sweaty i went inside to a building with a/c and actually got cold. enough that i went back outside instead of stay in. so crazy.

there is something i do love about this time of year in korea though. the cicadas.....they sing all the time and i do love it. it reminds me of summer time as a little girl. some people complain about them here b/c they are quite loud, but i enjoy their music. nostalgic for me. i also feel the same way about crickets....something about these melodious bugs i love. warm childhood memories from the glorious chorus of insects.....weird, i am sure. none the less i like it and get sad when the weather gets cooler b/c the music starts to wane.

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