Friday, August 08, 2008

home sweet home...

it is great to be back......

last night paul and i went to jenny's cafe in hongdae for dinner. we were hungry, had nothing to eat at the house, and also need to rally to not go to bed too early. things i did not realize i missed......the hot and sticky weather, the erratic driving styles of korean taxi drivers, the mosquitoes, and multiple showers in one fun!

we slept pretty last night which was nice. although now it is about 8:15pm and we are exhausted. i woke up at 6:15am and went to the gym. paul woke up early and was out of the house just after me to work in edae. he had much to report after his day of work and checking the scene out. it is common in korea for things to be open one day and the closed up the next. there was some closings in the area, but his favorite coffee shop is still alive. we did lose a few places, but so far the report has been good. after the gym i had breakfast with the new teachers and then came home to work on unpacking and sorting through all our stuff. it was a productive day. i had lunch with the new teachers again......cannot help the free meals and the lack of groceries at the house. :) then after came home to keep unpacking and organizing. i have the kitchen all sorted out. i need to attack the bathroom tomorrow. in the afternoon i volunteered to show new teachers around the neighborhood and then to the grocery store, sahruga. it was fun and i was able to get some essentials.

dinner was another free meal for the new teachers......a cook out. we were not the only returning teachers, so we were not free loading. it was nice, but really hot and sticky. paul and i ate and then came home.

now we sit waiting for it to be a reasonable time we can get in bed. we are fighting the jet lag, but hoping if we stay diligent our bodies will adjust soon. :)

the cats have been super lovable today. it has been really great. i missed them and from their actions today they really missed us. i need to clean streaker's tank soon, but he is doing well also. :)

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Diana S Foster said...

Glad every thing seems to be going well there. Give the Cats a hug from me. Free meals work for me too. Good luck with this school year.