Wednesday, August 27, 2008

6 days in...

to the new school year! I cannot believe that is has started and is already at full throttle. It is hard to believe that I have begun my 6th year of many things still seem so new.

School has been going well so far and hope that it will continue. My kids are great. We have eight different languages in my classroom which makes it exciting. It is amazing that so many of my kids speak more than one language. Our languages include English, Korean, Portugese, German, French, Hewbrew, Turkish and Mandarin. Fun! So far we have celebrated two birthdays and sang in almost eight languages each time. Makes for an exciting event for sure. Next week there is Back to School Night which makes me a bit nervous, but I am praying that it will go well. Thus far I have had positive feedback from the students and parents. Pray for continued positive thoughts!!!

We have had a lot of fun in six days learning about each other, routines, and 4th grade curriculum. My kids are really into learning and reading which makes my job easier and more fun! I love it. I am tired though, but a good kind of tired.

Woo hoo for 4F!!!

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Anonymous said...

hope that it continues to go well!!