Friday, June 13, 2008 time flies....

today i am celebrating the end of yet another school year. today was the last day of school for the kids and it was great. we had some fun times together this year and i was sad to see them go. i have one student who will not be returning to SFS in the fall, but will go home to Israel. i will miss her dearly and hope to stay in touch with her. i also pray for the safety of her family as they return to a country that is not at peace. i pray that she will find comfort and peace in her new school and rekindling friendships as she returns after being away for three years. it was a bitter sweet day!

on another note, i also realized that i have just completed my fifth year of full time teaching....crazy! it seems like yesterday that i graduated from university and was beginning. each day that i teach i still feel new at it. there are so many challenges with each group of kids that the "tricks" have to be constantly adjusted to fit where they are and their needs. i guess that is part of the excitement of teaching.....nothing is always is the same.

i am looking forward to a restful summer to recharge for the next year. teaching is great, but it does drain a person on all levels---physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally. it is so crucial for the break so that teachers can regroup, restore, recuperate, rest, and relax.

here's to another great year of teaching!!! :)

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