Friday, June 27, 2008

lazy days....

i am having one today. these are essential to a great holiday in my opinion. i wake up when i want, stay in my pajamas most of the day, and do a lot of nothing. just be at home and love it. paul and i have been out most of the days this week, so i was ready for a lazy day. we only have two more days in seoul before we are bound for the states.

tomorrow will be a day of last minute errands. sunday we plan to stay home to pack and prepare the house for the time we are away. then monday morning we are on our way......the adventure begins.

it is hard to believe that we have not been to houston or america in a whole year. i am looking forward to the visit and getting to see family and friends. i know houston is going to be different from the last time we were there. i am looking forward to going to church and hanging out. eating at some of our favorite places and getting to shop at favorite spots too. i do have a list, but will make sure to soak up the time at home. surround myself with folks i love and catch up on their lives.

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