Friday, June 20, 2008

18 more days until....

i am in houston for the holiday. i am looking forward to visiting with family and friends. it will be great to catch up with folks, hang out, relax, and do some shopping. i am also sad though. i have had a hard week of goodbyes. some of my close friends here in korea have left this year for new adventures. the mills family is returning to their home in northern england and vicki is going on a world race mission trip where she will travel 11 countries in 11 months. i know that God has plans for each and every one of these folks as they move on, but it makes things sad for me. i don't want to be the "don't leave me" friend because i know that God has a bigger and amazing plan for them, but part of me does want to be that friend. i realize that just because i move or they move does not mean that our friendships have to stop. i have learned about this since i left home and moved overseas. i have struggled with life continuing on without me in friends go through things i want to be there for. argh. i just keep praying that God will do His thing---comfort my heart, comfort their hearts, and keep us all in touch. i have to trust God knows best, even though i struggle to find peace in saying's not goodbye, but see you soon!!!

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