Friday, June 20, 2008

gotta love the heat, humidity and the mosquitoes...

yes, summer has begun in korea. so much fun. i have been spending much time sleeping recovering from a long year of teaching. i also have been spending time with friends who are leaving korea for either the summer or for good to begin new adventures. life has been good so far.

i think i have figured out that i cannot drink caffeine anymore as it upsets my stomach. i am currently avoiding it to see if that truly is the culprit. we have been killing lots of mosquitoes lately which stinks. they usually attack when i am sleeping and buzz in my ear which is really annoying. i give a yell and paul appears with the bug zapper in hand. many times we find the mosquito, but sometimes we don't. argh. this morning i have a bite my thumb. odd place for a bite and kind of annoying to be honest, but i have applied some itch cream and hope it works soon.

we are also getting ready for the trip to the states.......the closer it gets the more excited i become. i do have to admit though that i am a bit worried about going back. nothing major, just worry about being completely overwhelemed with choices at the store and such. i know this seems weird to those of you who have never lived abroad, but it does worry me a little. i am sure i will be fine. i do have a list of things we must import back to korea. it gets shorter each year that i am here........paul is great at finding things we like to use here. i am sure there will be last minute impulse imports. i am going to try really hard to stick to the list though. :)

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