Saturday, December 22, 2007

rain, rain, and more rain...

it has been raining lots here in melbourne.  folks are saying that it has not rained like this in some five years.  lucky us i guess.  they do need the rain b/c there is a drought here.  so paul and i have spent more time at home these last few days b/c of the weather.  

yesterday we went out for lunch around the corner from the house at a little place called "iSushi".  i thought it was good although paul thought it was just ok.  he is the official foodie of the family, so his opinion is valid.  then we went across the street for coffee at gloria jean's which is a chain here.  we do have one in seoul and it is at the airport.  i usually get one when i go to pick up folks or drop them off.  i had a flat white latte again which was quite tasty.  paul went back to the house and i went down toorak road to the video store to rent more west wing.  it rained and i was quite wet on the walk home.  i did take the tram most of the way home, but got off and still had to walk to the house.  i was damp when i got home and chilly too.  we spent the afternoon watching episodes of west wing while paul worked and i laid on the couch.  i did take a short nap before dinner.  i think i am pretty rested at this point as i am not napping as often.  this is a good thing, but i hate that i have to wait until holiday to catch up.  i am a girl who loves to sleep though.  :)  for dinner we ventured out to a nearby neighborhood called carlton.  it is really quaint.  there is a a street there called lygon street which has many italian restaurants.  it was raining so the decision for dinner was made quickly rather than walking around a lot beforehand.  we ate at a place called TiAmo.  we had pasta and it was good.  my favorite part was the bread was "free flowing", good, and already buttered.  yum!  i had ravioli and paul had tortellini.  after dinner we went to a couple shops---one being the oldest grocery store in melbourne (per paul) and the other a book store.  the grocery shop had LOTS of wine and cheese and other little knick knacky foods.  the book store was cool, but expensive.  then we walked the street and got some gelato for dessert.  he had hazelnut and i had a flavor called christmas candy.  both were yummy.  when we got home we finished watching the two discs of west wing i rented yesterday which totals eight episodes.  we went to bed quite late.  we are at a point in the show though that things are really good and exciting so it makes it hard to stop watching.  

i have not taken that many pics yet since we have spent much time at home.  i have a few so far and do plan to take more.  i just want to upload a group at once.  please be patient.  i am sure you all don't want to see a pic of the couch i have been laying on a lot since arriving down under.  :)

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