Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Eat and Sleep....

This pretty sums up my part of the day on Tuesday.  I slept in and then Paul and I walked down the road for some lunch at this little posh place called Bacash 175.  Crazy sophisticated.  I had some fried fish with potato croquettes or something.  Paul had a fancy filet with potatoes shaped like a pie.  It was nice and good, but a little fancy for me in the mid day.  Then we came back to the house so Paul could work.  I conveniently napped on the couch until Paul woke me for dinner.  We did watch some West Wing mid-afternoon, but not that much as I was napping for most of it.  We ate dinner on Toorak Road at a little place called Ecco---a little Italian place.  It was ok.  I had some seafood ravioli in lobster bisque and Paul had gnocchi.  It was tasty.  After dinner we rented some DVDs and got some treats at a convenient shop on the way home.  We did watch some more West Wing when we got home, but I fell asleep in the middle of the second episode.  Crazy me!  All I have to say is that I am on holiday no matter what country I am in.  Holiday does mean I can nap and rest as much as I want.  

Today was much more productive.  Again, Paul let me sleep in.  Gosh, I love him!  Then we headed into the city---aka Central Melbourne.  We found some lunch after walking about for a bit (Paul's signature traveling trait).  We ate at a place called Food Inc.  I had a panini sandwich that was quite good.  Yum!  I washed it down with a latte and piece of cheesecake before going shopping.  Paul stayed at the cafe to work while I advetured out.  I had to do some Christmas shopping as well as scope out a few places I really wanted to visit.  The first must was the Crumpler bag store.  OH MY....I was in heaven and did find my next bag purchase.  It is a lovely brown messenger bag with an orange stripe.  The folks working there were great too.  Crumpler bags rock!  Then I went looking for the Birkenstock Boutique shop that I had found online.  It was wonderful too.  I tried on a few and asked some questions.  I did find some wares I would like, but will most likely wait until we are back in America this summer to purchase.  It would most likely be cheaper there than here.  I love Birks!  My definite top choice for shoes.  Then I wandered about into many little shops here and there making purchases.  I met back up with Paul to go over to Queen Victoria Market which on Wednesdays in the summer there is a night market from 5:30-10pm.  WOW!  It was incredible.  Lots of shops and artsy things.  It was really fun and I loved much of the items there.  I did make some more purchases and I think Paul might say that I am "finished" in Melbourne with shopping.  It was really a great experience.  A bit muggy and warm, but the vibe of the place was wicked cool.  I would totally recommend it to anyone.  After the market we started "looking" for somewhere to eat for dinner....we walked for blocks and blocks and nothing quite suited Paul.  We decided to make our way back to the house via tram and go to a Thai place nearby.  When we finally arrived home Paul realized it was almost 10pm, so we went back to Cafe Rosco instead.  We had pizza and then walked home.  It was raining on our way home....just a light rain.  Once we got here it poured down like mad.  We have been watching a few more West Wing while Paul worked and I crocheted.  I finished my projects I have been working on.  

Hope all is well for each of you!!!  xo

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