Monday, December 17, 2007

G'day Mates!

Melbourne is great!  The weather is awesome, the food is good, and the people are nice.  We arrived yesterday about 9:40 in the morning and Michelle's dad picked us up at the airport to bring us to the house.  We took a nap and then ventured out to see the neighborhood.  We found some dinner at a little pizza cafe called Cafe Rosco.  We had an "Aussie" pizza which was really good.  After dinner we walked down a main street near the house called Toorak Road and there are lots of cute shops and eateries.  We came home and watched a few episodes of West Wing before turning in the for the night.  

Today we slept in, at least I did.  Gosh I love my husband!  Then we bought tram tickets to get to the city.  The area where we are staying is a suburb area called South Yarra (y-air-ra) and it takes about ten minutes or so by tram to get into the city.  It was super easy.  The lady at the convenient store figured out it was cheaper to buy weekly tickets.  On the tram we were able to see the sights a bit before getting off.  We got off the tram early to walk a bit and see what was in the area.  For those who have not traveled with Paul yet please note that he loves to walk around and see stuff.  We walked up and down the major streets in the area hunting for free wi-fi which we have not found yet.  We were also looking for our lunch destination--Wagamama.  It is a Japanese noodle place that I ate at in London five years ago while in Europe.  It took us a while to find, but did manage to locate it eventually.  My lunch was really yummy---a chicken curry dish.  Paul had some noodles.  After lunch Paul worked there since they did have free wi-fi and I walked around the area.  I went to Target and Big W (basically Wal-Mart) and to Myer which is a big department store.  I peeked in a few stores, but nothing of major interest to note.  They have many shopping arcades that are inside of breezeways in larger buildings.  I made my way back to Paul and we went for a fancy hot chocolate at a place called Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar.  I had dark hot chocolate and Paul had dark orange hot chocolate.  We shared a chocolate dip which was a small dish of pure melted chocolate with strawberries for dipping.  It was delicious.  We got back on the tram to head back to the house where we both napped before dinner.  Then we took the tram to  Chapel Street.  This street is a popular place for shopping and small restaurants.  After walking up and back on the street looking at menus and such (Paul factor again) we settled on a place called Cafe Greco.  It was ok.  It was Greek and we both had souvlakis.  We are back at home to relax for the evening and probably watch some West Wing.  I know that Paul has to do some more work and I will probably work on crochet projects.  

Tomorrow I think we might take it easy and hang out near the house.  I am going to do some research and planning on what we will do while we are here other than eat and walk.  :)  

Did I mention the weather is gorgeous???  My birks and I are loving getting to know one another again.  :)

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Anne said...

Glad to see that you are having fun! We are so jealous! Looking forward to reading about your travels.