Tuesday, June 16, 2009

summer is here....

yeah!!! i am so excited that it has finally arrived. i am having a chance to slow down, rest and relax. i think i am fighting some allergy yuck at the moment. i am sure it has been partly related to being run down with the end of the school year. i am taking cough meds as needed and trying to rest a lot too. that is not hard for me to do.....i love to sleep.

leslie's daughter, sarah, is here visiting too. paul and i have been hanging out and showing sarah lovely seoul. the quirks and quips of the city we have grown to love. it has been so fun! fish market, dr. fish, nanta, jimjilbang, namdaemun market.....all checked off the list.

today we went to a jimjilbang, a korean bath house. it was fun and we all laughed and giggled. yes, we were in the buff and we all had adjuma scrubs. this involves a korean lady scrubbing the dead skin off of you.....lots of dead skin. it is quite the experience, but feels amazing after. woo hoo!!! i feel like a new woman. i cannot wait to do it again before school starts.

i have a list of things to do now that i am out of school. i want to do some spring cleaning and also prepare for our month long adventure across europe. so fun!!!

more to come.....

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