Sunday, June 28, 2009

the lazy days o' the summer......

the last few weeks in seoul have been great. i have thoroughly enjoyed just being able to hang out, laze about, and do whatever i wanted. i really do cherish the down time at home with no agenda. the campus is quiet and the weather has been tolerable so far. other than the drama with sam, the holiday has been pretty low key.

we have about 12.5 hours until we leave for the airport. it is nuts to think that we are going to europe. paul and i were talking today that is seems so surreal still that we are going. at the moment, we are getting ready. i am doing a load of laundry and paul is trying to de-ice our air con. it has huge chunks of ice on it since we love our air con so much. he chipped some off with a spoon and is now using the hair dryer to melt the ice. we have started the packing process, but it is moving slowly. it will be a late night, as usual. it seems this is a trend for us......stay up super late the night before we go anywhere. oh's us. it's how we roll. i am sure someday it will have to change when we have little ones to tow with us. for now, we are enjoying our just being married life. so fun!

we fly to munich, germany tomorrow. we are going to catch a sleeper train there to budapest, hungary. we have lucked out with accomodation in budapest. we have an apartment to ourselves for the five nights we are there in the heart of pest. so exciting. the owner speaks good english and will meet us at the train station. after budapest, we are flying to glasgow, scotland, stay for a night and then taking the train tro edinburgh. it is one of paul's favorite cities in europe and i am excited to have him share this place with me. should be a really fun adventure. he raves about how amazing the place is all the time.

i will blog regularly as well as upload pics as i am able. we are taking the wee laptop, so that paul can work as needed. i also need to announce my new toy----a new camera lens for my digital camera body. i got a tamron 18-200mm lens. it is awesome! i can get close up shots and faraway shots all with one lens. so excited. i am also proud to say that i researched, shopped and bargained myself from the beginning to end. the whole buying stuff in korea can at times be intimidating and it makes me anxious. last thursday i went to the market, went in about 5-6 shops and got prices. i needed to do some more research. we went back on saturday and i bargained my way to a deal. i was super proud of myself. paul said he was a little embarassed by my persistent bargaining with the guy. it was fun and i was in shock the rest of the day that i did it. woo hoo! i am hoping to take lots of pics of europe. i will also be taking two furry friends with us---hope bear and frederick the frog (4F's class mascot).

check back often to read about our adventure.....

p.s.--the hair dryer is working to de-ice the air con. yeah!

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diana said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip. Sounds like lots of fun.
Love and prayers to you both.