Friday, June 26, 2009

oh the days of summer....

i have been busy resting and hanging out. it has been fun! jo and i went to the market, shopped here and there, met friends for lunch, and had fun!

i have been working on a few artsy projects here and there. finally finished the laptop sleeve that i have been working on. woo hoo! yeah for being artsy and cool. here is a pic....more on flickr page.

in other news, sam is having more pooping issues. i took him to the vet on monday. he had some x-rays, an ultrasound, and went home with some furrball meds which also works as a laxative. we tried that for a few days with no success. he is still hungry and eating which dr. yoon, the vet, says is a good sign. wednesday we made another trip to the vet. this time india came along for her yearly check up. thank goodness for our friend anne and her kiddos who were kind enough to take us to the vet. this time dr. yoon gave me a take home enema to give to sam. oh boy! india checked out ok, sam got his yearly shots, and i stocked up on cat food and litter for july. after two attempts with the enema there was still no action. today, thursday, i gave him another go with the enema. he went straight for the box and made some small pressies. i was excited. he then made a few more about five minutes later. i was encouraged and hopeful. the only issue now is that he is still stopped up. we go back to the vet again tomorrow for a check up and hope that dr. yoon can clear this up before we leave for our trip. please pray for sam. i know he is older and i am sure his body is slowing down, but i am not ready at the moment. i just cannot think about it now. pray for healing and recovery and no pain.

today i met my friend natalie for brunch. it was fun to hang out and catch up. then i piddled around the hongdae area which was super fun! it is near the art school and there is lots to see and be inspired by. i came home and then went to meet paul for dinner at on the border.

the weather has warmed up here, but there has been quite a nice breeze the last few days that make the shade a great place to be. i have enjoyed it. i got to sit outside on wednesday with my friends, anne and johan, while there kiddos played behind their building. so fun!

it is hard to believe that this time next week we will be in budapest and beginning our european adventure.

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