Sunday, January 04, 2009

taking the bull by the horns.....

monday is the day i am taking the bull by the horns and i am going to win. i am done, finished, through......all of the above. i feel like garbage, get winded climbing the stairs at school, and just plain tired of looking at myself this way. so.... monday i am doing it.

my goals for this week....
  • go to the gym and walk for about 40 minutes or so for at least three times.
  • write down ALL the food that i eat regardless of what it is.

paul and i went to the grocery store this evening and got some fresh fruit and veg as well as some necessary staples (i.e. detergent and rice for ms. lee). most of the afternoon i read articles and other information on weight watchers dot com.

we came home and we picked up the apartment. then i began making my lunches, prep for my egg omelette in the morning, and made snacks. i wrote down all the point values of the snacks in my lunch bag so i am prepared.

it is good and i feel motivated. 2009 is a year for change in my health. :)

a quote i read on someone's site recently---

"failure to plan is planning to fail"

one from my friend leslie is..."there is no food more important than becoming the person God wants you to be."


Anonymous said...

Good luck on your plan. Will pray for you on this. Pray for me on going to the Y,Managing my money better, cleaning my house and trying to understand the bible better.

Kelly Walker said...

you go girl! I'm here for ya and will be praying for you and rooting for you! I've seen you rock the weight watchers plan before and I know you will do it again once you set your mind to it!
Love ya!

aggiebonfire00 said...

staying in shape has always been a battle for me. i joined ww about three months after lauren was born. it took hardwork to keep my mind focused, but i went from 218 to 136. you can do it mandy!!! i'm joining ww again to help me get back in shape after brandon...we can do it together, i have some good ww recipes too. do you have a crockpot?