Saturday, January 03, 2009

Back in Seoul....

We made it back to Seoul late Tuesday night and caught the last airport bus to our neighborhood. We slept a whole lot of the day on Wednesday before going out to dinner at On the Border. We came home to ring in the new year with a bottle of red wine and freshly made brownies while we watched Prison Break. The last few days have been full of rest. I have probably slept more of the time than been awake. Nuts I know, but the truth none the less. Paul and I have been spending loads of time in front of the TV as we watch many, many episodes of Prison Break. We got hooked before the holiday and have watched all of season one, and are now in season two. Paul will load up four to five episodes in the playlist and the hit go. I also got to watch some of the episodes of Ace of Cakes which were a Christmas gift from Paul's mom, Sally. This show is awesome!!! She introduced me to it while we were in Houston and I got hooked. The only problem is that we do not get the food network here in Seoul. Thankfully, Sally gave me the first season DVD set for Christmas and now I am set.

In the show, the pastry chef who now makes crazy cakes is named Duff. He is not your typical guy for this kind of job. He has a goatee and his staff at the bakery are his friends. Most of which have tattoos, crazy hair cuts, piercings, and dress eclectically. My kind of bakery for sure. They like to challenge themselves by making cakes that are crazy and different. I love it. It is inspiring.

Today Paul and I slept in late again. It was an accident since the alarm did not go off. Ugh. Oh well, we went our for a late lunch/early dinner at an indian place and then went for coffee. We came home and Paul has been working on setting up my old laptop with the TV and I have been really creative. I hung up the wall hanging we got in Vietnam. It looks great. I also made an installation for pictures with string and these pre-cut paper frames. It looks cool....I just need to print pics to put in the frames. Then I straigtened some things up a bit and still felt artsy. I decided to put the base coat on the canvas that has been sitting blank forever, it seems. It is now drying and then I can gesso up another one. I have had an idea since we were in Vietnam and I am anxious to get it on canvas. I just have to wait for the easel to be free.

I love being artsy!!! I feel so in touch with my inner self when I indulge my creativity. :)


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you have an OTB there?

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