Tuesday, January 27, 2009

february is around the corner....

and i cannot believe it. really....it just feels like a week or so ago we were in vietnam. oh well....

school has been busy. i had to write reports last week which made going to the gym impossible for me. i wait until the last minute to do them, so i am usually up late and intaking loads of caffeine. i did manage to not eat horribly, but the gym did not happen. they are finised and done with for now....will have to write them again in about nine weeks or so.

i am down seven pounds. WOO HOO!!! i am quite excited. i have big rewards for myself when i hit 20 pounds down, 40 pounds down, and goal. i cannot wait. so far it has been easy although i was quite bored with tracking last week. it gets annoying. i am still doing it though and will weigh again in the morning.

i am posted more pics on the flickr page (click on link on the right). the rest of the vietnam pics are up and then some random ones from since we have been back. be sure to have a look.

only three teaching days this week which is nice. we just had a long weekend with the lunar new year holiday. it was fun and i enjoyed the time off. i think we have quite the haul until the next break which i think is spring break at the end of march. ugh. i hope the times goes quickly. paul and i are planning to go to hong kong for the holiday. woo hoo!!! i hope to do some shopping there.

no news on the art job. my prinicpal just left for two weeks of recruiting state side on saturday. he hopes to be able to let me know when he returns. i hope that God will continue to give me the sense of peace about the whole thing and make his will happen.

paul and i have been attending a church service here on campus on saturday evenings from 5-6pm. it just began two weeks ago by some of the parents on the SFS school board. it has been great so far. the pastor is from the international baptist church. the groups is small and the service is simple. we like it so far and hope that it will continue to work out. we have missed being in community with church. it is in the SFS chapel which is about a five minute walk from the apartment. yeah!!!


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. Will continue to pray for you.
Love, Mom

sassiekiwi said...

Well done Mandy! Thats awesome.

See you soon


aggiebonfire00 said...

7 lbs. down! that's awesome mandy! i know you'll get to your goal weight before you know it! i just started weight watchers last week. i got that monthly pass which gives me the etools for free. if you want the password so that you and your hubby can find new recipes, let me know. glad to see that you are doing well. take care!

Anonymous said...

Ummm ... MARCH is just around the corner!