Sunday, September 02, 2007

sans hubby

on wednesday of this past week paul learned that he had to go to san francisco for work. thankfully it was a day that i had many specials and a long break time in the morning. i came home around 9:15 and at 10 it was verified that he was going. 10:15 a flight was booked and at 11:15 he walked down the hill to catch the bus to the airport to get on a 2:30 flight to san francisco. the highlight for him was that he got to fly business class at the company's fun! he thought it was great.....good food and seats. what more can i guy ask for??? although it was sad to learn that he was going to be gone for 2 weeks, it is also a good time for him to be away. the beginning of the year is always absolute chaos. while he is gone i am going to work like mad to get to a manageable point so that when he returns there will be less staying at work late. although disappointing at first, it is also a blessing. i do miss him terribly and found this weekend at the faculty retreat to be kind of lonely. i did have leslie to keep me company though which was fun! it rained all weekend though so the beach wasn't that much fun. i did some reading and resting which is always needed. so i have 11 more days of soloness before paul returns. a day which i am looking forward to..........

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Kelly said...

oh no! your first extended time apart since you got married!!! :) Hope you don't get too lonely girl!

love ya!!