Sunday, September 09, 2007

it's already sunday???

just where does the time go? i feel like the weekends keep getting shorter and shorter. i vote for three day weekends from now on....anyone with me?

saturday i took the day to rest. i slept in and proceeded to sleep intermittenly through out the entire day. i fed the cats at 6:45 am, went back to bed, ate breakfast at 10:30 am, then read my book and took a nap, 2:15ish i had leftover curry for lunch, then read some more and napped again, then was up at 4:30ish to make butterscotch bars and take a shower. what a day! it was good to rest. jen came over at 5:30ish to hang out and stay the night. we had frozen pizza for dinner and then went to a wine gathering at joann's at 7:30ish. came home at 10ish to play wizard (a card game) with buffie, leslie, jen, joann, and myself. then jen and i attempted to play scrabble which was not going well at all. we finally quit and went to bed about midnight. what a great day!

today jen and i got up at 10:15ish and had breakfast. we then watched some really silly TV and took showers. out and about we headed to go to seodaemun prison and independance park. it was good. a low key touristy kind of day with out lots of people or crowds. i have uploaded more pics from today and other randomness.

now i am resting at home trying to rehydrate myself. i feel like no matter how much water i drink it is never enough. gosh you gotta love the heat and humidity. :)

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Anne said...

I am with you!!

Did you see the pup?