Tuesday, February 27, 2007

missing home....

lately i have been missing home. not in a sobby kind of homesick way, but just little things about houston and texas that make me smile and miss it.

here are the things i miss:

  • kolaches from the bakery on bingle in spring branch---the kolache bakery
  • my family
  • my mom's banana bread
  • my mom's homemade biscuits
  • hamburger steak with lots of brown gravy
  • hanging out with friends and having good conversation
  • small group
  • diedrich's
  • my close friends
  • my "tree house" garage apartment in the cool, artsy part of town
  • the ecclecticness of inside the loop
  • the warm weather for flip flops and sitting outside
  • hanging out with josh
  • being with friends during big moments---having babies, loss, rough times
  • the mad potter & girls nite out
  • sending evites :)
  • crocheting
  • halo night
  • sunday mornings
  • onion creek--yummy mochas and tasty sandwiches
  • my friend's kids :)
  • sharing meals
  • the black lab
  • being able to find a fun craft store for artsy stuff
  • listening to friends play their music

1 comment:

Diana Foster said...

Loved your things that you missed. You and your brother always tease me about my cooking. Glad to know that you miss something that I cook. Glad to read all your blogs and was very glad to hear all the neat stuf that you have been doing.
Love, Mom