Tuesday, February 27, 2007

paul is moving to....

san francisco at the moment. he will be there until roughly the middle of june when he comes back to texas to get married. yeah! only 137 more days!!!

his visit here in seoul was great! he was able to meet my kids, hang out, and meet other folks too. i loved it when he was here and it was great to do "nothing" together.

school has been really busy these days. last friday the 4th grade went on a field trip to the national folk museum of korea. it was good and i think the kids enjoyed it. this week we have lots going on and we start the big fundraising efforts for year. each year SFS raises something like 12 million won for a TB care center in north korea. it is really amazing. there are many events and things planned to get the money. i have been helping to organize it all which has been fun, challenging, and time consuming.

my kids are finishing up reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis. it has been great to read it with them and i am becoming a fan of the book more so than the movie. don't get me wrong the movie is great, but i think i prefer the book.

life has been ok for me lately. i have been a bit down since paul left on saturday which is to be expected. i am currently trying to sort out my life..............i need to get motivated to get in shape and better health is #1 on the list. this has been one of the most difficult adjustments for me in korea. the fact that watching what i eat is much more difficult than in the states. i know that some of you may think i making more of this than it is, but it is true. i am not the only one that claims these kind of feelings about it. i am hoping that on march 14th to kick off my "getting healthy" campaign for myself. this is 4 months prior to the wedding and i am hoping to make a change.

next week i am headed to hong kong for a teaching class on braingym. it is using motor acitivites to activate different part of a child's brain before working. it has been proven to work for lots of kids and so i am going to learn more. this will also be my first official trip around asia and i am really excited about it.

i am completely addicted to grey's anatomy. it is really the best show. i finished watching the dvds for season 1 & 2. then i logged into itunes where i get the new episode downloaded each week with a season pass. wow! i don't get to see it until the wee hours of the morning on saturday, but i get to see it. i do have to say that last week's show was a bit odd and unrealistic. i am hoping this week brings us back to normality. :)

in addition, my kids have clued me into the "thing" to do as a fourth grader. last week they all kept talking about this online game called "club penguin". so being the person i am, i wanted to know more and check out what all their rave was about. friday night i went to the site: http://www.clubpenguin.com. i soon found myself creating a penguin and playing the game. it is quite fun. since friday i have met some of my kids "in" the game online and played connect four and mancala with them. good times! i know can talk the lingo with them which has been fun to share with them.

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