Saturday, January 06, 2007


so i am trying to catch up on my blog and it long overdue. i seem to say that every time that i update after a long hiatus. :)

the month of december seems to be full of christmas shopping as i look back over the notes i jotted down. i ate with tim and joann at this amazing italian place that i LOVE called namaste. it is awesome! i bought my first piece of Korean furniture too. an old rice chest made into a coffee table. jen and i went to a gayageum concert at the sejong arts center after a long day of shopping in namdaemun. the gayageum is an old traditional Korean instrument. the group of women we saw play contemporary works on it---like the beatles and simon & garfunkel. it was really great to see. my kids had their christmas party and i received a gift certificate to get a massage and pedicure....yeah! the memorable moment from the party was when each one of my students came up to tell me why they were thankful i was their teacher. they all had great things to share from their hearts, but the last little girl, hanna, pulled the tears. she said, "miss foster i am thankful that you left all your friends behind to come teach us." i started crying instantly. wow! how amazing God is to have this one little girl share her heart with me.

i stayed up most of the night packing for my trip home the night before i left. this is so me to wait to the last minute. i got it done and made it home safely to spend time with family and friends.

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