Saturday, January 13, 2007


here i sit on a saturday morning long before the time gets to the double digits soaking up the quietness of my apartment. it's cold out.....19 degrees....and there is snow still on the ground. i went to bed at 9:30 last night. big, exciting friday night in korea for me! i got a good 10 and a half hours sleep. crazy! i have fed the four-legged friends and now just sit on my couch looking out into the trees across from my apartment from the dining room window. india is laying on the end of the dining table near the window and sam has cozied up on the wool blanket on my bed. the second hand of the clock in the kitchen ticks without fail. i am hungry, but have yet to decide what i will eat for breakfast this morning. i brew over the choices at hand......cereal, french toast, or an omelette with tomoatoes, feta, and cheddar. i could always choose something in the non-traditional arena--sandwich, pizza, etc. the idea that sounds best is to curl up on couch with sam and india reading a great book and get in a nap. :)

i have been reading a lot this week. in fact thursday night that is all i did. i read from the time i got home until the time i went to bed. it was great! i finished messy spirituality by michael yaconelli thursday night and then started here's to hindsight by tara leigh cobble. i recommend both........GREAT READS! last night i began a book i want to read aloud to my kids this coming week which is missing may by cynthia rylant. on january 23rd my kids and i will begin reading the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe by c. s. lewis. i have never actually read the book so i am also reading that. i am thrilled about being able to teach such an incredible story that parallels with the Bible. i hope it will be a great adventure for my kids and myself.

i began swimming this past week in an effort to get in shape. although the sound of the alarm clock buzzing at 5:30am does not excite me in the least, i am excited about it. on the mornings i swim i have found that i am more awake and have more energy. that part alone makes it worth while. i am trying to eat healthy and manage my portions, but that is where it is difficult here in korea. this is the one area that is the most challenging even more so than the exercise. prayer in this struggle is much needed.


Diana Foster said...

Thanks for the up dates glad that you have been getting in the reading you have wanted. Hope swimming is working for you.
Love to the cats.

FantastiKelly said...

you go girl! keep up the swimming! Jennifer and I are starting to walk together twice a week. . . the icky waether here was a damper...but let's encourage eachother on our exercise! :)