Monday, December 04, 2006

the weekend........

bbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it was so cold! all weekend the temperatures were no higher than the low 30's. it felt much colder due to the wind.

friday after school i had my korean lesson with hanna who is one the korean teachers at school. she is helping me to learn korean which is not that bad. i know all my consonants and vowels and i am able to read more than i understand. :) i started learning some vocabulary this week so that is fun. :) i cannot wait to go to the korean restaurants and shops back home. i am definitely going into komart on gessner when i am home.

after that suzy and i went to itaewon to get manicures and such. i was able to read an Us magazine while i waited which was nice as it was in english. i know it is not intellectual literature, but it was in english so that was the highlight. then we went to starbucks to meet jen and one of suzy's korean friends. then we went for indian food.............yummy! it was so good and i had a great time. i cannot wait to go eat it again soon. maybe sometime this week actually. :) we all did a little after dinner shopping......suzy found some fun silver shoes for the christmas party. jen and i then walked home to my apartment where we had a sleepover. we got to hang out and visit. she showed my pics from home in maine and i showed her pics from home too.

saturday we woke up and had a relaxing morning. i made french toast for breakfast and we had some coffee. then we got moving to go on our outing. we headed across the river to the seoul arts center to the hangaram art museum. we went for the man ray and world history of photography exhibit. it was awesome! i saw many photos that i had studied in my photography class. it was a great experience! afterward we ate lunch at this little Italian place nearby and the food was awesome!

later that night was the SFS Christmas party which was at the Hilton hotel just up the road. it was fun and the food was great. i won a door prize which is a gift certificate to a hotel across the river. it entitles me to have dinner there on the house. yeah! i am saving it for when paul is here in february.

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