Wednesday, November 29, 2006

wednesday......that means the week is half over...

this morning was tough to get moving. i have had a hard time sleeping lately and i am trying to remedy the issue by not consuming caffeine. so far there is no change, but i am hoping it will get better soon. tonight i am trying to have some sleepytime tea.........maybe that will do the trick!

i taught a great math lesson today although some of my kids are pushing my buttons. they are all about just knowing the answer. this can be frustrating for sure. oh well, the rest went well and i just prayed for more patience. :) i found out recently that i am going to get an LCD projector and a SMART white board over the christmas holiday! woo hoo! although i have no idea how to use the smart board i am willing to give it a go. suzy has used one for a few years now and she has one in her classroom here. she says that it is a great teaching tool and one that automatically integrates technology. there are so many options when you use it. so that is great news for me!!! i am hoping to learn more so i can make full use of it. the afternoon crepted by and we worked on language arts and science. we have been focusing on genre in reading which is a tough idea for the kids. not so much to get it, but to understand so that they can sort books is a chore. we were trying to organize and sort out the classroom library today and it was much more challenging than i thought. the kids agreed that it was not as easy as it sounds. we had some great conversation and thinking so it made it all worth while. i am hoping that they will get the hang of it soon. i am going to give them an independent reading project that focuses on the different genres to work on.

after school i tutorerd the student i have been working with from the bristish school. i also had one of my students, katrina, and lucy help me sort some things out. they worked on finishing up the classroom library and then made up the book order packets that i am going to send home tomorrow. then the three of us went over to the gym for the basketball games. katrina older sister and brother both play and so we watched from the lobby while they munched on the snacks i treated them to.

i came home to mrs. han finishing up two more pieces of clothing for me and also working on the skirts for suzy. she works really hard. we ordered chinese for dinner which was the first time i have done that at my house. fun! suzy ordered and when they come they bring it in and serve you the dishes. they give you real dishes and then when you are done you leave them outside the front door.....dirty. they come back later and pick them up. no cleaning or anything! it is great and super cheap! i took pics of the experience b/c i was astonished. they never do anything like that in texas. :)

i am compiling my lists for home------places to eat, places to go, things to do............
i am getting more and more excited!!!

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Diana Foster said...

Try herbal tea. Seems like things are going well at school. Am anxious to see the things you had made. Cool take out for the chinese food.
Until later, Mom