Monday, November 27, 2006

19 more days....

left until i will be in texas for the christmas holiday!!! wooooo hooooo!!!! i cannot wait!

today was good......a light day of teaching which is what i needed b/c it is always hard to get back in the groove after a long weekend holiday. we got to experience a little bit of another culture today which was good fun! the british school and grade 5s from the elementary had a "mini" st. andrew's scottish ball. it is a celebration in scotland each year to honor st. andrew, i think. there is a ball at the embassy each year and it happened over the past weekend. the kids learned many different scottish dances and got to dress up today and dance to a proper live scottish band from edinburgh, scotland. the band was flown over for the big ball at the embassy but also performed today at the school for the kids. my class went over to watch the dancing. it was fun to see the 5th grade dancing and learning. one of the cool things at being at an international school is getting to learn so much about other places, people, and cultures. it was fun!

today after school i went to get a hair cut and to get more blonde highlights. i am not sharing anymore details will have to wait and see. :)

this evening after i got home i just have been hanging out. i have a headache that i am trying to get rid of. i plan on getting to bed early tonight. i need my rest. the last few nights i have not been sleeping very well.........not sure why. might be the caffeine that i have been drinking lately. there is no such thing as decaf in this country. i did grind the beans my mom sent me this morning and have a giant cup of hawaiian grog coffee from central market. that was lovely!!!

until next time which should be tomorrow..................

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