Thursday, November 30, 2006

snow, snow, snow.....

i walked out of my apartment this morning and looked up to realize that it had snowed that fun! i instantly put down my bag and coffee, dug out my camera, and started snapping photos. i am so cheesy, but i have never actually lived somewhere where it snowed. i giggled and smiled my whol trip to school. i rounded the corner by the field to walk up to a soccer field that is normally green with perfect turf that had a blanket of white on it. the kids were running, shuffling their feet to make designs, and playing soccer. it was a wonderful sight to see. the kids were having just as much fun as i was. i again took out my camera and took more pictures. :) what a great way to start the day!

the morning went well. math lesson was good and productive after have to chat with my kids about having negative attitudes. then i glanced outside to see little white snow flurries dancing down from the sky.....yes, it was snowing!!! as i taught i was able to watch the flurries dance to the ground. how amazing! the kids were excited too as i was teaching and looked over and stopped mid-sentence to say, "it's snowing!" of course they instantly ran to the window to have a look for themselves. we all stood there completely mystified by the flakes. good fun! it doesn't stick to the ground long at this point, but hey it was snowing!

there are 11 more days of school until the holiday so i made a deal with my kids today. i let them choose where they sit for the next 11 days. there are 2 tables of all girls and 2 tables of all boys. you would think the genders think that they each have some serious plague! tomorrow i am adding a new spin by letting them come up with a table name and banner. then we will starting earning table points for all sorts of things---homework, parent signatures, cleanliness, chairs being pushed in, group work, etc. it should make for some excitement for the 11 days before break. i felt i needed to do something to "shake things up". they were really being unruly. i am also hoping to implement a fun number game that i am "borrowing" from a great teacher at martin that he uses every year at december time. it should be a real scene to see how it all unfolds, but we are all kind of at the point of shatteredness. we all need a change.

today after school i had discipleship and it went really well. i have three 9th grade girls in my group and they are all friends. they are great! i am really enjoying getting to know them and sharing our hearts about life as a follower of Jesus. they have the same issues i had when i was there age, which makes me seem really old to say that.

tonight i am just hanging out taking it easy. i have worked on a bit of school work, snuggled with the kitties, and sent some emails. fun night at D21!! it is 37 degrees right now and i am wondering if it will snow tonight while i am asleep. it would be a real treat to wake up to snow again. :)

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