Friday, July 03, 2009

off we go to europe.....

we were running behind and had to wait for teh airport bus. it was no fun because it was hot. we were sweating and knew that we would not be able to shower for quite a while and had to get on a long flight to munich. ugh. finally the bus arrived and we were on our way.

we arrived at the airport to find a long, long line at the check in counter. we stood there for a bit and the line hardly moved. paul and i were both starting to get a little anxious since we were running behind and the time just kept ticking away. i went up to a counter and pointed out that out flight was at 1:10 to munich and the line was not really moving at all. he kindly called out to see if there were others going to munich and indeed there was. he escorted us to a new line in which we were the only people in to proceed with check in. yeah!

we were called to the counter and began the process. she then said that the flight has been overbooked and therefore we were bring bumped up to business because of our flier status. paul instantly smiled ear to ear. we were thrilled. business class to europe.....yes! it was awesome. we then proceeded through security, immigration, rode the tram to the international terminal, got some coffee, and waited at the gate for boarding. the entire time paul kept saying, "we are in business!" he was so excited.

lufthansa business is awesome. the seats are super cool and automatic. the food was great and we both got to actually sleep properly since the seat went almost flat. it was truly awesome! the only complaint i had is that it was bit warm for me. i would prefer a little more air con which was out of our control. there were no air vents above the seats. i watched three movies---the reader, gran torino, and slumdog millionaire. all on my little screen in front of me that i could pause when i needed to.

it was awesome!

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