Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Glasgow, Scotland

Descending into Scotland the area is beautiful! Lots of shades of pretty! Reminded me of a puzzle of green patchwork. Upon arrival, we had to take a train into Glasgow. We were going to stay about 24 hours there and Paul had organized accomodations for us at the Hilton.

For dinner we had a recommendation to go to The Ubiquitious Chip in the west end. It was a nice restaurant. I had a beer that is brewed locally for the Chip---an ale called Chip 71. Paul had told the waiter to surprise him with dinner and I ordered off the menu. I had shellfish bisque, an Aberdeen steak with stovies (mash with beef and veg inside--totally yum!), and shortbread for dessert. Paul received crawfish as a starter, followed by a trio of mutton, and jelly for dessert. It was an amazing meal and experience. Paul also had a whisky that was 24 years old....Port Ellen. It was ok to him, but rare and not being made anymore. Our whisky loving friend was jealous of him! After dinner we went next door to the Chip's Wee Pub. It was another fun experience. I had another pint of Chip 71 followed by a bottle of Innis and Gunn which is beer that spends time in whisky casks before bottling. It is sweeter and has interesting flavor. Very Scottish, I am told. Paul had a Laphroaig 10. It was a great night. We got a taxi on the street and then got back to the hotel.

Then, we realized Paul's iPod touch was missing. Oh no! We immediately spoke to the hotel's front desk and the taxis put out a message that it was missing. The chances of finding it....slim! We went upstairs and Paul decided to go back to the pub in hopes to find the taxi. What chance??? Well, I went to sleep while Paul went back out. Not much later, he woke me up and showed me his touch. Yeah, I know we are super lucky. He happened to find the our taxi who had had three fares since us. The last one was a girl who found Paul's touch in the seat and gave it to the driver. Paul walked up and he was trying to figure out who or how to find the owner. Paul was ecstatic. It truly was a miracle. Thank you God!

The next day we packed up our stuff and went to Cafe Gandolfi for lunch. A recommendation from the waiter at the Chip. It was nice. I tried a new ale, had asparagus soup and bacon avocado salad for lunch. Paul had roasted chicken.

After lunch I stopped into a shop I wanted to peep into and then we were off to the train to Edinburgh. Only an hour by train....Paul and I got seats with a table which is nice when you want to journal, chat, or play games. :)

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Buffie said...

You guys are having such a fun experience. Be sure to give the Mills - all of 'em - a hug from me, too. Is Paul actually drinking alcohol? Were the riot police anything like what we experience in Seoul?? Continue to enjoy. See you soon! Buffie