Sunday, April 26, 2009

a little r & r

things have been crazy lately. at school, i feel like i am managing a three ring circus. all is going well, it's just that things are busy and hectic. i am trying to get in all the things i have to teach my kids before the end of the year (about 7 weeks), organize my class for junior olympics (field day), work on the 4th grade play, and design a set too. all of this drains me, all of me. by the time i get home, i am totally exhausted. so with all this going on things at home are pretty low key which is fine.

this weekend paul and i wanted some r & r. on saturday we went to get massages. it was awesome! we had kebabs at the turkish place before our massages. after we went for snacks at la bocca. we had coffee and desserts while we waited for our sandwiches to go. our desserts were yummy. then we made our way back to the house.

we worked on music and songs for church. paul worked out the music and i make the slide show for the lyrics. it is fun. then we went to church. it was good. the music was good, the message was right on for me and it is always nice to see folks.

after church we came home and heated up our sandwiches. we watched the final episode of battlestar galactica, an episode of the office, and more episodes of the unit. it was a great day of just hanging out and being together. much needed!!!!

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