Friday, July 09, 2010

transportation games

so since moving here just over a week ago, paul and i have created a game we play when we are out and about. does anyone remember the game "slug bug"? when someone spotted a VW bug that person would punch their friend on the arm and yell slug bug. i have no idea how the game started or anything, but we used to do it for a bit.

well, our game is called "monk on a moto". all the monks here wear bright orange robes that can vary in hue depending on their status, but they stand out. every now and again we spot them on the back of a moto. when one of us spots one, we say "monk on a moto" and point it out. so far, i have proven to be quite good at this game where paul is less observant when we are out. but tonight.....not only did i spot a monk on a moto, but i got a DOUBLE monk on a moto.....two monks on the back with their driver. it was awesome! i know it is silly, but we are enjoying our silly little game. hopefully paul can begin to polish his spotting skills...

for those of you unfamiliar with motos---it is a scooter with a long seat that extra people can ride on the back of. it is a cheap way to get around and can just jump on, tell the driver where you want to go, and then he takes you there. neither of us have been crave enough to try one yet, but i am sure at some point we will. most folks recommend you bring a helmet if you go on a moto, so we would need to get helmets.

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Anonymous said...

We're looking forward to a "Mandy on a moto" photo! Thinking of you guys! I'll skype when back in Korea - from 7th August. Kimberley