Saturday, March 20, 2010

the falgouts have landed.....

in phnom penh, cambodia, our future home. we arrived late on friday night and were picked up at the airport by a driver from the school. he was super nice and helpful. he took us to the hotel where we are staying which is near independence's huge and cool to see at night. we drove by it.

even though it was late and most things were shut on the drive from the airport, we are already loving the vibe here. very southeast asia and funky. we feel like we have made a great decision to move here at the end of june.

when we got to our hotel last night we had a friend sharing the room with us, a smallish little gecko on the wall. i love them and even more so that they are natural bug defense. yeah for cool creatures like geckos. the guy at the hotel went out to get us some burgers which was nice and they were ok. tasted like school kind of burgers, but if that is the worst it gets it is all good. we had a new soda like drink called "soursop".....interesting none the less. tasted like tangy mango juice. not bad.

the room is big and airy. the air con works well and we slept pretty well. we are meeting the head of school today out and about. very exciting to see our new home.

let the adventure begin!

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