Friday, January 15, 2010

the first week back is over....

whew! it went fast, but also was exhausting. i have taken a nap everyday after school this week except for today. the week went fairly well. the kids and i were both adjusting to being back at school and most of the gang were struggling all week with being tired.

the highlight was listening and learning from my kiddos. they gave presentations this week from their science creatures from another planet and also their home inquiry projects. it has been exciting to see them share and present with the class. i have been trying to work on their presenting skills and getting them to "command" the audience by waiting before they began. fun times. they did an amazing job and worked really hard.

the other highlight was watching them help each other with learning how to scan images into photo shop then save them all in their folder on the student network. wow! they learn fast. they also learned how to import pics into microsoft photo story. so fun and exciting. next week the goal is get all their audio recorded and their digital story books will be complete. it has been a crazy process as technology resources are slim.

paul has had a stressful week with work, but i think the bulk of that is behind him. thank goodness. now we are just hanging out, thinking about schools and countries, and preparing for the job fair. any prayers are appreciated!

have a great weekend! peace......

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