Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving!!!

paul and i had a great day! we went to the electronics market to shop for a new laptop for me. the one we use for the tv is dying slowly, but surely and so we decided to look for a new one for me. paul has been researching and reading online all about the ones he had in mind. i told him the things i was concerned about, and he thought of all the technical needs. we did it....we bought a new laptop. so fun! we got a 12" hp tablet pc which is a small laptop whose screen rotates around to fold down. i can write directly on the screen with the stylus. it is sooooo cool. now paul just has to transfer all the stuff from the laptop i currently use and also load up all the software too. he has it all laid out in his head which is good b/c i would have no idea. hee hee.....he is the best!!!

after we bought the new computer, we headed for lunch at the COEX mall. we had a snack when we arrived and then stood in line for tickets to the new bond movie. once we had our tickets, we did some meandering in the mall. we looked for a sleeve for the new computer, shopped for leather shoes for paul, and i got to walk around the english section of the big bookstore--bandi & luni's. i had fun! it was the best. when paul found me i had four books in my hands and he said, "do you want to buy all of those?" i told him that i was collecting and browsing to then find a seat on the floor to look at the books i chose. he had gone off searching for a spot for dinner while i soaked up the bookstore. i just had not found a spot to sit yet and was still walking around taking in all the books. i know i am a dork. i did end up with two new books to add to my reading. one of the books i got was on the clearance shelf.....score!!! only 3,000. the other was 17,000 which is normal for english books in korea. completely nuts!

we ate dinner at the intercontinental hotel in one of their restaurants called the grand kitchen. they had a dinner buffet which we both enjoyed. paul stuffed himself with a wide array of meats. we both did have some turkey in honor of the american holiday.

after dinner, we went to the movie. good stuff! if you have not see the new bond movie, you should. lots of action and it is bond.

we made our way home and we are both pooped. long day of shopping, walking, meandering, and hanging out. we both enjoyed the day of just spending time to hang out with each other.

happy thanksgiving to all!!!

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Diana said...

Glad you had a good day. Happy Thanksgiving to you both.