Sunday, July 06, 2008

the adventure....

hi there....just now getting access to computer to be able to update blog.  i am going to update in chunks because there is quite a lot to share.

paul and i made it to the airport in seoul and were able to use the new terminal for international flights.  it is nice and quiet, but weren't that impressed with food options.  we did get to go into the new lounge which again was nice, but the food there lacks too in my opinion.  we decided not to eat, but to enjoy some coffee beverages from gloria jean.  yum!

we went to the gate and waited for a bit.  paul's name was called over the intercom and he went to the desk to figure out what the deal was.  i was not sure what to think at this point......

he came back and said we were not going to be able to sit business class!!!!  what?!?!?  crazy......the airline upgraded us because paul is a new gold member.  WOW!!!  happy anniversary to us.  it was great and amazing.  we ate lots of food, sleep pretty well, and got to sit in business.  the seats are HUGE and there is tons of leg room.  it was a great way to begin our trip and anniversary!!!  

we arrived in san fran super early and sat in the mall just hanging out.  we could not pick up the rental car until after lunch.  i went to borders and perused, paul played DS...we just sat and waited.  

once we had the rental car, we made our way to napa, california where we stayed for the next two nights.  woo hoo!!!

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