Sunday, November 18, 2007

sunday, sunday....

it is sunday...i have been sickly with sinuses for the last three days or so. i am feeling better, but still not 100%. life has been really busy here.

school is good. we had report cards due, then the 4th grade classes moved into new classrooms where we will stay for good, then parent conferences and overseas ordering. top that all off with the fact i have been battling allergy/sinus yuck and it makes a great combination for productivity. :) school is going well for the most part. just that time of year when you are still climbing up hill. with all the uncertainty of moving and such i have had to reteach some beginning of the year type lessons about behavior so that has been redundant but necessary. i am glad that we are done moving and can finally settle into a home. once this week is over things should move much more quickly as there will only be three weeks until the christmas break. my kids are great and i really enjoy going to work. we have our thanksgiving feast on wednesday and i am excited about that. this will be the only turkey and such that i get this year.

paul and i are enjoying being married and living in korea. just yesterday we were sitting in a coffee shop and thinking that life is pretty good. we both like living here and are in the process of making our apartment more homey feeling. just last night we were moving furniture around and making decisions about where stuff should go. we are thinking that we are going to have some wallpaper put up. it looks like raw concrete which is cool and artsy. i am hoping it helps make the place feel less institutional and more like ours. the office is better too. we moved the desk again and made some organizational changes which is helpful. at the moment our apartment looks like wreck, but this evening we are going to work on it some more.

the cats are happy as ever. they love their leopard print beds especially since the weather has cooled off significantly this week. today the high is 36 but currently is only 31. paul and i love the chilly weather. sam and india are definitely not at their skinniest but they seem to be happy which is important.

this week we have only a three day week for the thanksgiving holiday on thursday and friday. paul and i with another couple are headed to Shanghai, China Wednesday night for the long weekend. it should be fun and exciting. i have not been to the mainland of china yet, so i hope to take lots of pics while we are there. paul and i are both packing light so we can get some goodies when we are there. then three weeks after that we are headed down under for the christmas holiday. we are going to Melbourne, Australia for three weeks. we are doing a house swap with a couple that two adopted children from korea. they like to come back every 12-18 months for a visit, but find the most expensive part is the accomodations. so they have connections with the school and had the offer posted on the our community web site. so here we are..............having christmas in the summer! it should be loads of fun!

i am off to rest some more. i would love to hear from you all and hear what is going on with you in your life.

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Anne said...

Wow, Christmas in Australia - sounds amazing! Glad to hear that things are going well. Can't wait to see photos from China and Australia.