Tuesday, July 31, 2007

back in seoul....

after a whirlwind of a summer vacation of 5 weeks in the states i am back in seoul with my new hubby, paul. i am still adjusting to saying that. it is still kind of strange to say i have a husband. we love being married though. it has been great so far.

our wedding was awesome although in hindsight the day seems like a blur to me. everything turned out perfect. i could not have asked for it to go any differently. the week before was great too. i was able to spend time with friends and also be productive.

paul and i stayed at the hotel icon downtown on saturday night. it was really cool. the room was huge and we got to order room service for dinner. we also ate the amazingly wonderful wedding cake for dessert. we finished the rest off for breakfast the next morning. it was the best cake i have ever had. thanks nicole! we flew to canada on sunday for our honeymoon. we flew to toronto and then flew to quebec city. our hotel there was AWESOME! there was confetti on the floor outside our room and also on the bed. so fun! we also received a note from the hotel congratulating us on our marriage. for the next few days we were complete bums. we did not leave our hotel room until around noon each day. we ate wonderful food and saw amazing sights. paul and i were extremely pleased with quebec city and recommend everyone go there. we have a favorite cafe that serves crepes and also fell in love with bowls of cafe au lait. yum! later in the week we had hour long massages in our room, went whale watching about 3 hours north, and also went to the cirque du soleil. whale watching was really fun and i got some great shots with my camera of tails. it was quite chilly that day, but worth it completely. cirque was phenomenal. paul got us tapis rouge tickets which are like VIP. we got to have snacks in a separate tent with its own boutique. the snacks were really cool and different. we also got fun tapis rouge passes to wear around our necks. the show was wonderful just as i expected and we both had a great time.

once we arrived back in houston we had 4 full days to sort ourselves out and pack before leaving for korea. i have to say it was long, tiring, and stressful. we made it though which was a feat in itself. we could not have done it without all the help from family and friends.

the flight here was good. nothing exciting to report. we got back friday evening about 9ish and went straight to bed. we were both awake at 2am so we sorted through the luggage and unpacked. around 3:30am we went back to bed and finished organizing and putting things away when we woke up later that morning around 9ish. so we are all settled in which is a nice feeling.

seoul is hot as we both expected. hot and sticky. the highs have been in the upper 80's but the humidity is full on and since we walk everywhere it makes it gross. we both have taken many showers in the last few days. :) saturday we hung out with jen and went to dinner at my favorite cafe, the flying pan blue, in itaewon. it was great to see her and hang out. i laughed the entire time and it felt great.

yesterday we went to hongdae area so i could get some art supplies and then went to the music market in insadong for paul to check out guitars. paul made dinner--grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup. YUM! we ate while we watched the first movie of the lord of the rings.

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Anonymous said...

Hi mandy, It was so fun seeing you're back to blogging. Sounds like you guys are getting over your jet lag and getting back into the swing of things in Seoul. Have fun!!
Love you,